Manufacturing Execution System

What is our system for? It seems to be necessary to increase your manufacture transparency – to know what is going on, where and how. To forecast the possible problems and to solve them with minimum losses. The final result is to multiply the production output for the same calendar period, to fulfill the received orders just in time, to settle the reasonable lead time for
incoming orders.
Here is a leaflet describing the most commonly used feature – operative production activity control. Here you can see the sequence of operations during the order fulfillment in manufacturing process. Click here if you want to read more about the system. If you have any questions please contact us, we will be glad to help you. Here you can see the system in operating condition. If you want to start the operation just receive the invitation code from us or from any system user, log in and work.
To understand the tasks performing by our system you can see the hardly complete list of targets below:
  • Management of products and units structures, orders, including import from design systems
  • Management of production process variations
  • Management of archives for drawings, 3D-models, control programs and other documents
  • Management of substantive and labor standards
  • Applicability and completeness calculations
  • Estimation of summary materials consumption, labor intensity and components requirement
  • Cost accounting
  • Analysis of capability and generation of applications for supply and production
  • Job setup for production personnel
  • Development of alternative manufacturing process
  • Alignment of tasks for executors and monitoring of their performance
  • Issue and supervision of the tasks directly at workplaces
  • Forecasting of timely orders execution
  • Inventory control of materials, accessories and finished products
  • Management of relationship with subcontractors, cooperation monitoring
  • Division of access rights
  • Provision of a chat as a communication tool between system users
  • Writing the user scripts making automatic various routine and labor-intensive operations
It’s unnecessary to perform these tasks all at once. We can recommend you where to start, what to do and, the key point – what not to do. Our extensive experience made it possible to
consider the details. We tried to create a simple, user-friendly system and hope you’ll like it. Otherwise we are open for discussion and will do our best you like it.