UpexPro – Manufacturing Execution System

No server configuration!
No installation on the PC!
Any operating system!
Only a web browser is all you need to work !
The cost is 30 EUR per month for one user.
Register and manage your production.

A booklet that describes the most commonly used functionality – operational management of production. In addition, the following tasks are solved in the system:

  • Conducting the composition of products, units, orders, including imports from design systems
  • Maintaining options for manufacturing processes
  • Maintenance of archives of cattle, 3D-models, control programs and other documents
  • Maintenance of material and labor standards
  • Applicability and completeness calculations
  • Calculations of summary material consumption and labor input, requirements for components
  • Calculation of the cost price
  • Analysis of supply and formation of bids for supply and production
  • Formation of tasks to production personnel
  • Specifying alternative processing options
  • Distribution of tasks by executors and control of their performance
  • Issuance and marking of tasks directly at workplaces
  • Forecasting the fulfillment of orders on time
  • Warehouse accounting of materials, components and finished products
  • Organization of interaction with subcontractors, monitoring of cooperation activities
  • Sharing access rights
  • Providing chat as a means of communication between users of the system
  • Writing custom scripts that automate various routine and time-consuming operations

Distinctive features of the system

1. Solved problems relate to the technology of managing the processes of small-scale production of machine-building and / or instrument-making enterprises controlled by orders. For such enterprises is characterized by high variability (variability) of the flow of external orders and conditions of the production environment, which determines the complexity of operational management of production and enterprise.

2. The novelty of the proposed technology is the creation of a digital counterpart that accurately reflects the real state of production and ensures both operational management of production and the definition of strategy and tactics for increasing competitiveness. At the same time, the new functions are the self-learning of the digital double, the high adaptability of the production system to the flow of planned tasks, both in the preparation stage of production and in the production stage, at workplaces in real time along the whole technological route – from the purchase of components to the finished goods warehouse .

3. The expected positive effect of the use of the new control technology using a digital double is manifested in the increase in the level of the fulfillment of orders for the manufacture of products (up to 100%) in time, and in a multiple reduction in the duration of production cycles (3-10 times), which provides higher competitive position of the enterprise. In addition, the new technology allows us to quickly calculate and expertly determine the impact of the technological composition and the level of resource utilization on the timing of the implementation of current and new production orders, take this into account when conducting commercial negotiations and discussing plans for the development of new products.

4. At the heart of the new control technology for the digital double are adaptive dispatch algorithms, cyberphysical systems for collecting and exchanging operational information about the state of production based on the industrial Internet of things, as well as algorithms of artificial
intellect for self-learning system. At the same time, the processing of large amounts of data and actual production figures is used for statistical management of the quality of regulatory and reference information, labor resources, the composition of technological equipment and the product line nomenclature, as well as for obtaining expert opinions on possible interdependencies of production indicators with business indicators.