To start working in the system firstly you need to register in it, as described in Log in.

For registration you need to receive an Invitation, which can be issued by a system user, and then you have to Pay for usage of the system.

After payment performing it might be good to fill in your personal details. You can do it in Profile setting. Everything is ready for work.

Here you can see the General form of the system, its main reference guides NomenclatureCollectionsParametersFiles.

To work in system it’s necessary to use Commands, to arrange the information – Folders and Categories.

If you need any additional functions you can create them by yourself by using Scripts.

To describe objects the Information blocks are used containing the following blocks: ComponentsRightsUsageNomenclatureCollectionsReferencesSketchesFilesParameters, and Dependencies.

Combination of these blocks allows describing practically any object with necessary completeness.

With the mode Collections by nomenclature you can rapidly create collections to describe nomenclature and connect the objects with each other.

Cost calculation allows calculating the target cost of the components.

With command Open you can form the total tree of the order or of the product.

The mode Technology allows connecting of manufacturing process to each selected component and also the creating of aggregated manufacturing process for the selected components.

With Collection by components you can evaluate and save the different summary data.

The Gant chart allows displaying the selected items on the time scale.

Advanced view shows all available information for each selected component on one screen.

Based on entered information you can Create tasks for production Orders, which will be displayed in mode Schedule. Production tasks are planned also by means of mode Loading and are registered in mode Tasks directly at the workplaces.

The current stock balance you can see in mode Warehouse.

To enter the information to the system you can use the mode Import, here you can read how to delete it.

You can communicate with other users in system using Dialogs. It will be useful to read about operations of Warehouse management, management of Content or description of operation principle.

It won’t be enough to read about the designation of connections to work in system.

It will be useful to have a look at video on our channel.

We wish you success in your work!