The reference guide “Files” contains all files used in the system. It looks like this:

Operating with “Categories and folders” doesn’t differ from any other reference guides; all standard commands are also available.

In addition, the command “Download” is also available.

The reference guide is to be completed by dragging of the files from explorer to reference guide directly or by dragging of the files to the block “Files”. It’s possible to specify “Connection” for the file and make notice for it.

Of course, the file description is not only the naming, comments and “Connection” indication as well as file location in defined folder and category. How to complete the description you can read in “Information block” by clicking the position.

The following information will be displayed:

As you can see from picture the blocks “Files” can be completed with additional files (for example, for 3D model you can add a bitmap image or any other versions). In the block “Parameters” you can specify any additional file details; the block “Rights” displays the users with provided access; “Sketches” shows the images in bitmap format from block “Files”.

Information in blocks “Usage” and “Rights” can be also useful.

By clicking the right mouse button at file description heading it will be displayed the menu with commands available for files.

From the commands title you can understand their designation. You can replace the file not only by command, but also by dragging the file from explorer to heading.

It should be noticed you can delete the file only in case if it’s not used anywhere and is accessible only by author.

The command “Properties” will show the following form:

By clicking the field “Sketch” the enlarged image will be displayed.


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