To work in the system, it’s necessary to pay for its usage. You should pay immediately after registration; otherwise the functions will be not available. If you already use the system and want to prolong the operation you should go to “Home”, line “Active to”, button “Prolong”.

After pushing the button “Prolong” the following window will be displayed:

You should specify the number of months for access in the field “Access” and the number of hours for consulting in the field “Consulting”. In the field “Comments” you can specify any additional information regarding the payment. For example it can be questions you want to ask for consulting. The button “To pay” is designed for physical persons. After pressing this button it will be displayed the following window to choose the payment method and to fill in all the necessary details (bank card number and its validity period). The remittance advice will be sent to your chat after payment finish. If you pay for access the duration period will be extended for the number of months you paid for. If you pay for service you can contact our team immediately. The payment is effected nearly momentary. The remittance advice can be presented for payment in expense report. Importance notice – you should fill in your surname, given name and patronymic in user profile if you want to show them in remittance advice.

If you press the button “To bill” designed for juridical persons, it will be displayed the  window to fill in your company details as follows:

We don’t check the data accuracy, so please be careful – the bill will be paid by you. After details confirming the invoice for payment will be generated and sent to your chat.

You can download it, print or give for payment. After money receipt the duration period will be extended for the number of months you paid for. If you pay for consultations you can contact our team. The payment takes some days, depending from bank. Anyway you can see the payment confirmation by prolonged duration period and by your account status in chat – it will be changed to “Paid”.


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