Calculation of cost

This button allows us to calculate the cost.

This mode is called with the button from “Component” block of collection. How does it work? It’s simple! To calculate the cost you just need to multiply the component quantity by its price. And to draw up the balance.

The component list can include the product components

or order content or parts made by the company with enclosed technical data (materials, components etc.) .


This list can be made by manual, by means of modes “Open” and “Technology”. The component price is indicated in collection with connection type “Price”. It can be the price of accessories,

price of used metal,

cost of the work for any manufacturing operation

and any other nomenclature used in production.

After operation performing the price will be shown opposite each item, as well as the calculated cost and the total value.

An important notice – during re-calculation the price will not be changed for the items with before calculated price (including the price input by manual). The price will be calculated only by components where it was not specified. It’s possible to perform several calculations. If you see, for example, that the price is not indicated for some item, you can indicate it in “Price” or enter it by manual. It can be many possibilities. You can calculate the total cost, the cost of materials, tools or components and also any their combination. 

And of course you can print the report with all components included.



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