This mode can be called with the button from the block “Components” and enables to make a list of your own products with connection of manufacturing process elements, with record to separated collection. Also the mode can register the used manufacturing process to the block “Collections” of the component. The mode operates based on selected records. We have such list of ordered parts. To see it more clearly the display of sketches is switched on.

Select the records we want to connect to the manufacturing processes. It’s a collection available in the block “Collections” of the nomenclature with connection “Technology” and status “In progress”. As an example you can see this block for the first item in the list:

By pushing the button  we receive the collection that will be recorded to the block “Collections” of this order.

Directly in this block you can edit all collection details if the default details are not acceptable for any reason. In the created collection the components are formed in the following way:

The collection content with connection “Technology” is connected to each element in the list. In this way we receive the total manufacturing process for the selected order elements. Based on it we can create the total and specified labor intensity and material consumption,  requirements for accessory materials and tools etc. It can be performed with filter (if you need to select something special) and by creating of Collections for selected components.

In addition at development of technology for each component it’s necessary to record the reference to the manufacturing process that was used at development. This information will be necessary for job setup. You can use the mode “Capability” to see the list of designated manufacturing processes or to cancel their designation.

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