The mode “Warehouse” (same as “Stock balance”) is designed to display the current stock balance and the additional information as well. This mode is called by pressing the same button from the following points:

1. Position “Warehouse” from mode “Production”. It will be displayed all positions that were operated by inventory control.

2. Button “Stock balance” in reference guide “Nomenclature” and in block “Nomenclature”. The stock balance will be displayed only for items that are selected either in reference guide or in block.

The image for the 1st and for the 2nd cases is the same. The difference is in items number – for the 1st case all nomenclature available in stock will be displayed, for the 2nd case it will be only the selected items. It’s not all that simple, of course. The balance will be calculated and displayed only for elements you have access to. It looks in the following way. For illustrative purpose the sketches are on.

If you press any line you can check the operations for this item as follows:

You can check the history of operations in stocks, both for “debit” and for “credit”.  Quantity for operation “Credit” will be displayed with red color. By clicking the line it will be displayed a document containing the nomenclature. For example, like this:

It’s neither more than “Collection”, to be more exactly its block “Components”. We can check and edit. In case of necessity, of course.

So you can follow the operation history and receive the additional information.

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