To enter or to edit the user data you can press the button with user’s login at the top of the screen. Of course, this button will be available after registration finishing and system login procedure.

Clicking the login you will see the user profile where you can enter the additional details about yourself and load a photo as well. It looks like this:

To point the cursor to any field you can see the edit button.

Clicking this button the edit window will be displayed like this:

In this window you can enter new data or edit the details you set before. To save the data please press the button   , to cancel the data please press the button  .

To operate the system you need to remember your login and password. It’s impossible to change the login. But if the password doesn’t suit, you can change it pressing the button “Change” opposite to this field. The following window will be displayed:

It’s necessary to fill all fields and to press the confirmation button . If the current password is entered incorrectly or the fields “New password” and “Repeat new password” don’t match, it will be displayed the message and you will have to edit the password. If you decided not to change the password for any reason, just press the cancel button .

To point the cursor to user symbol you can see the icon “Edit”.

Pressing this icon you can add your real image or any other image you want to use for some reason. The following window will be displayed:

If you press the button “Select the file” the file explorer window will be displayed where you can select the file and it will be added as an image. In the window you can see immediately what the selected image will look like. If you use UpexPro from your mobile you will have the possibility to choose the image from your gallery or to make photo with your mobile camera.

So let’s finish the registration procedure and profile setting. The main point is not to forget the login and the password.

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