Block “Parameters”

To this data block you can input the parameters values that describe the items additionally (geometrical sizes, weight, density etc.). The list can be quite extensive. Just for example:

In addition the parameters can be grouped. Sign «+» near the designation means the group availability. But you will see it only when all parameters are inserted. When you register a new position it will be no any parameters. The display will be like this:

To add the parameters you should click the field with sign «+». If you pass the mouse on the field you will see the pointing confirming the possibility to add. In this case the list of parameters from the reference guide will be displayed. From this list you can drag the necessary parameter to the block “Parameters”.  It’s reasonable to arrange these two windows next to each other. Like this:

At the right window the parameters are marked that can be transferred to the block “Parameters” of open nomenclature.  You can make it by Drag&Drop method as in normal explorer. It should be noted that the block “Parameter” can be completed not only from reference guide, but also from blocks “Parameters” that have been completed before for other items. The value list is hierarchic, for this reason you should pay attention to backlight of the available items.  Copied parameters will be connected to the highlighted item.  If the heading of the table with parameter values was highlighted the parameters will be copied linearly. The parameters values available in block “Parameters” can be re-subordinated just by dragging the necessary element to the component necessary to be connected with. A general rule is valid. If you transfer one element within the block “Parameters”, so the value will be transferred. If you transfer different elements from the same blocks, so the values will be copied. By passing the mouse to the line in block “Parameters” the following commands become available:

Delete the value from a list. It should be noted if the other (“child”) parameters are connected with this element, so firstly you have to delete them, and then to delete the current element (“parent”).

Add the parameter. It opens the window of parameter reference guide; from this window you can transfer the value to the block.

 Select or deselect the line.

 Edit the value. It permits to edit the parameter value. This mode can be called by mouse double click by the element.

The button   in the block headline allows selecting all parameters, for example, to copy all of them to the other block. The selected records will be displayed in the following way:

The button permits to deselect the records.


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