Block “Files”

This block is designated for all files necessary for description of nomenclature, collection or component. It can be sketches, drawings, images. There are no limitations for files number and types. To add the file to this block you just need to drag the file from explorer or from other files block. It should be noted that if the connection is selected in the dropdown list, so when entering the file to the block this value will be set to the field “Connection” for the file.

With files from this block you can perform different actions; the operations are available when pointing to the position. The following image will be displayed:

Delete. This command will delete the file from the list.

Load or open. The file will be loaded to the user’s device or will be opened in the display. How it happens depends on the browser configuration.

Select the file. The same function has the button  in the block header, but it selects all records at once.


Edit. Allows to edit the connection (specify the file type), write or edit the comments for it, change the file name.

When editing the file line the following form will be displayed:

In the field “Name” you can change the file name, in the field “Comments” you can write any explanation, in the field “Connection” it’s possible to classify the file for automation of the further operation. In this field you can select from list of possible connections types. This list will be increased with system evolution. The fields “Date of creation” and “Date of change” are informative. The control buttons are standard for all editing forms. The group editing is also available for the field “Connection”. It operates in the following way. Firstly you need to select the records where it’s necessary to edit the value of the field “Connection”. Then you should push the edit button . After you will see the message confirming the group editing. In case of confirming the editing form will be displayed where you can change only the field “Connection”.

Clicking the button  it will be suggested to apply the selected value to all marked records. By positive reply all records will be edited, by negative – no operations will be performed.

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