Collections by components

This operating mode is designated for forming of different lists classified by some feature. Both with addition of the quantity and without summing-up. Here we describe the simplest and the most general way of any request generation. Manual. Just select the necessary records for any feature and push the button “Create collections for selected components”.

The result is the creation of the collection that will be entered to the block “Collections” of the current component collection. The selected information will be added to the components. You can create the unlimited quantity of such collections. For example, the first request is for metal, the second one is for fastenings, the third one – for electric components, the fourth one is for components that we produce on cooperation base etc. As the result of such operations we’ll receive the following table:

If for any reason you don’t like the automatically assigned name and designation you can edit all details directly in this block. What you can do further – for example, you can send the inquiry for tools by adding the supplier (purchasing department, contracting partner, cooperation department) to the collection users.  They will receive our collection in their category “Incoming” and can give us the requested information or to create a request for their supplier or for production. Of course, all of them should be the system users. If the situation differs we can print the report, attach it to the mail and send it by traditional way.




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