In the mode “Schedule” you can see the list of all created tasks. The most operations with tasks are executed in this mode. It looks like this:

In the columns you can see:

  • “Time, hour” – in numerator the actual operating time displays, in denominator – the time allotted for task execution
  • “Quantity” – in numerator the quantity of executed operations displays, in denominator – their scheduled quantity
  •  “Execution” – it can take the following meanings:
  • the task is not started. There is no check mark for execution starting.
  • the red check mark means the execution is in progress
  • the green check mark means the execution is completed

The following commands are available in the column:

 Gant diagram

By clicking the line you will see the task description. It’s nothing more than the description block “Collection”.

An important notice – in order the executors, working in the mode “Tasks”, can see the list they should receive the access level “Co-author” and status of these tasks should be “In progress”.

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