Block “Nomenclature”

In this block you can see the list of nomenclature items connected with current element. These can be alternative substitutes or items that are used combined with the current one, suppliers, producers and many other variations. Here you can see how the block “Nomenclature” looks:

In the block it’s indicated that the screw can be replaced with the other screw, in case if it’s coordinated with production. It’s quite commonly used variation.

This block is to be completed by transfer of nomenclature items from nomenclature reference guide, from blocks “Nomenclature” and “Components” and from other blocks containing the nomenclature. By transferring (if it’s not set in the source) a value will be designated to the field “Connection” that was assigned in the field by default. The selection is performed from the list as shown below:

The following commands are available in the block:

 «Remainder». Shows the remainder of the selected items.

«Select all». Selects all items in the block.


If you point to a line the available commands will be displayed. They have the following designation:

Delete the item. By clicking the item will be deleted from a list. There are no limitations.  It will be deleted if you have rights for it.

Add the item. This command will call the window of the reference guide “Nomenclature”, from which you can transfer the necessary items.

Edit the item. The editing window will be displayed.

In this window you can change the value of the field “Connection” from the available list and add the explanation to the field “Comments”.

Open the block of nomenclature information.

Select the item. It selects an item or items to transfer them to the other block or components where it’s necessary to use the selected items.


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