Block “Rights”

The list of users having access to one or another object is maintained in this block.

It should be noted this list is never empty. If there is a record in the reference guide it means it was made by anybody. And this user will be displayed in this list. If you point to any line, the buttons become available which allow to add or to delete the user, as well as to change his access level.

To add the user you should push the button . The following window will be displayed:

In the field “User” you should enter the name of the user you want to share the selected item. In the fields “Reader”, “Author” and “Co-author” you should indicate the right you want to give. It can be only one right. The Reader will have the opportunity to see any information in the information blocks. The Co-author can put his information to these blocks, but cannot edit or delete the records made by other users. The Author has all rights for the information. He can edit and delete the information no matter who has entered it. For obvious reasons you should be careful providing the access “”Author”. It should be noted that only “Author” can provide the rights to anybody. Neither “Reader” no “Co-Author” can make it. The user who provides the access to his object (to the object he has an access as an “Author”) has nothing to do. But the user who receives the access will see the category “Incoming” in the corresponding reference guide. If you share the nomenclature it will be displayed in reference guide “Nomenclature”, if you share the collection the data will be shown in reference guide “Collection”, if you share the parameter it will be displayed in reference guide “Parameter”. You should check these folders from time to time. The records appeared in the folders “Incoming” can be transferred to the other categories and folders or you can delete them if the information is not necessary. You can change the name of the folder or delete it. The category “Incoming” doesn’t differ from the other categories. There is only one difference – it is created automatically when somebody shares the objects with the other user.

If you want to delete the user from the list you should push the button . You should confirm the appeared message and the user will be deleted from the list and will lose the object access rights. It should be noted this operation can be performed only by the user with the access level “Author”.

There are the some features when providing the access rights to the group. The access levels “Author”, “Co-Author” or “Reader” can be set to the groups as well. In this case the indicated right will be valid for all users of the group. The absorption of access level is also active. For example if the user has the access level “Author” in group and access “Reader” as a personal right, in this case the right “Author” will be used. It is valid not only relating to any combination of right source.

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