Block “Components”

Block “Components” is the main information block for collections, together with common information blocks, of course.

It can look in different ways, depending on designation. It can be the engineering process.

It can be a product tree, including all related units, assembly elements, parts, standard materials.

The versions can be very different. The variety of types and components content is not limited by anything.

These collections can be generated both manually and automatically. Manual fill is understood to be drag-and-drop of the necessary elements from nomenclature reference guide or from other collections, specifying the necessary quantity, measure units and connection.  In command line of the block “Components” there are two fields for selection and one field for input. In the 1st the connection type is indicated automatically for elements added from the nomenclature reference guide. The 2nd field is designed for value of measure unit, the 3rd field is for value of filter. The values, indicated in the fields 1 and 2, will be assigned to new elements that are recorded to the component list from nomenclature reference guide.

The following commands are available:

«Settings». This button is to display the list of fields.

Checkbox is set – the field is displayed, unchecked – the field is not displayed. In can be convenient for different applications.

«Print in PDF». This command is to generate the report about the collection content.

 «Structure». This command shows the content of product (of order).

 «Technology». To load the engineering processes for items in components list.

 «Calculate the cost». To calculate the cost of  product (of order).

 «Create a collection for selected components».

 «Gantt diagram». Allows to edit the dates with user-friendly graphical interface.

 «Extended view». This mode shows the data that are contained both in component blocks and in nomenclature blocks.  It allows checking the completeness of information.

«Create tasks». The mode creates tasks for production.

 «Capability». The mode displays the capability of selected items.

Open the tree. It opens the tree. After execution this button will be replaced by a button “Close the tree”.

Close the tree. It closes the tree. After execution this button will be replaced by a button “Open the tree”.

All standard commands are also available. Set of components properties that can be edited is presented in editing form.

In most cases the list of components is a linear list, but sometimes it’s necessary to make it as a hierarchical list. For example, it’s convenient to connect the manufacturing operation with anything relative to it, to show or to hide some fragments.

Control of the components sequence and hierarchy is performed by means of Drag&Drop. You just click the necessary component and transfer it to necessary place holding down the left mouse button. The place that the component will be connected to will be shown by display type. To transfer the component to the root (to remove the hierarchy) it’s necessary to transfer it to the heading. It should be noted that the transfer within one window performs exactly the transfer operation. In reference place the component will be deleted and transferred to a new position. If this operation is performed from two windows the component will be copied. The component will be kept in the initial window and will appear in a new place. If the selected components are to be transferred (copied) so the operation will be performed only with these elements, without any hierarchy. In this case the selected elements will be pasted by a linear list to the element indicated by the selected line.



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