To enter the content is the first task to be solved. So let’s start point by point:

1. Enter the item which content we want to describe in nomenclature reference guide. Select the item and push the button “Create a collection”. By doing so we connected the form with the item necessary to be described.

2. Press the line and get to the nomenclature information blocks to select the block “Collections”. There is a record in this block. Get to this record, press the button “Edit” and select the meaning “Content” in the field “Connection”.

3. Press this line. The information blocks of the “Collection” will be open. Drag to the block “Components” the items from nomenclature reference guide or from any other place where you can find the necessary items. For the added items you should define the “Connection”, “Unit of measure” and enter the “Quantity”. If you have preset the meanings for “Connection” and “Unit of measure” so they will be assigned automatically for the items moved from the reference guide.

4. Repeat operations for all positions having content.

The block “Collections” of the described item can be filled also manually (without the use of the command “Create collections for selected items”) just by dragging the collection from the reference guide to this block.

The most common error when entering the content is to enter the item to the position description.

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