The mode “Dialogs” is designated for on-line communication between system users. It’s a usual chat room. It’s simple and convenient.

You can call this mode at tab “Service” by clicking “Dialogs” as mentioned below:

or by clicking a small mark in the top right corner of the screen:

The screen is divided into three sections.  At the top part you can see the list of users you had dialogs with, at the middle – content of the dialogs, at the bottom there are fields to enter the message. On cursor hover to the line the available commands appear in the list.

To delete the user from the list it’s enough to push the button  .

By pushing the button ,   the window will be displayed where you should enter the known user login.

By pushing the button    you will see the user in the list (if this login is available in the system).

Pushing the button  will cancel the command.

To start communication you just need to point to the necessary user and to enter your messages to the lower field. To send the message you need to push the button .

In the middle part of the screen you will see the message you have sent and the user’s reply.

It’s a simple chat. The quantity of received messages you will see near to the sign as follows.

It can be useful if you don’t want to ignore the important messages.


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