This mode allows opening the component content of the collection totally. Translated into simple language – to receive the total product tree with all included parts and assembly units. This operation is to be made by pushing the button «Open» in block “Components”. It will be helpful to describe the operation way. Let’s consider the example of the part “Tank”.

The collection is set, where in the block “Components” the quantity of tanks is indicated necessary to be produced. At the example you can see one item of the order. But of course it can be several different items ordered. Let’s not get distracted. We have an order for 3 tanks.

We receive the following picture.

It remains to press the button “Open” in order the collection becomes totally open and connected to the current one in block “Collection” as shown on the picture.

It looks like this (because of quite big size we show only a fragment).

As you can see from the picture we have received the complete tree of the product. Let’s describe an algorithm.

1. Firstly a new collection was created with name “Order 17_ZC”

2. A line is entered to the block “Components” from the block “Components” of collection “Order 17”

3. In nomenclature reference guide “Tank PBC-2000” is founded and information blocks are open.

The collection with connection “Content” is taken from the block “Collections”, its block “Components” is re-written to the block “Components” of a newly created collection.  That is the content.

4. Further for all newly added items it will be checked the available information in block “Collections” with connection “Content”. If the information is available so the components from collections will be recorded to the ordered specification.

5. The process is repeated for the newly added items until all available collections will be handled.

6. We will receive the total product tree, it looks as follows

The complete order tree is made, the total quantity of parts, units and components is estimated. The next step will be downloading of the manufacturing processes for the items that should be produced. And it’s only one from the possible operations.

It’s possible to evaluate the cost. Or you can create inquiries to your suppliers or purchase department using “Creation of collections by components”. With this information you can perform many tasks.

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