Income and expenditure

Income and expenditure are main two operations of the inventory control. We tried to arrange it in the simplest way. But at the same time all necessary tasks can be performed on the adequate level. There are 3 main tasks:

  1. Where the item is coming from
  2. Where the item is going to
  3.  Current quantity on stock

Basically it’s all. All other tasks can be solved by their combination. Or by combination with other tasks. Let’s check it more carefully.  It starts from the simple operation – income. It is not always the income from outside – it can be the original balance, for example. Basically the point of the matter is quite simple – it’s a mean to record the increase of the items numbers. It’s very simple to perform the income operation. You should create a collection with connection “income” and enter the receipt items to its components. That is all. One notice – the collection should have the status “Completed” in order the system can fix the receipt.

The same situation is with expenditure. You should create a collection with connection “Expenditure” and enter the expendable items to the block “Components”. It’s an exterior.

Now let’s speak about the interior. It’s a block “Dependencies”. In this block it’s necessary to specify where you have taken this item from, in other words to specify the income (receipt). You can make it manually just to drag the necessary component from the collection “Income” to the block “Dependencies”, or use the command “+”. Add in this block. Based on it will be created the list from all components with non-zero balance in all incomes. You just need to select the necessary one.

Then you should specify the collection status with connection “Expenditure” to “”Completed”. In such case it will be checked if the indicated quantity for the component is enough in all components for income. It will be checked also the components in block “Dependencies” and some other tests. If the tests are not passed the message will be displayed, if everything is well done the status will be changed to “Completed”. In the mode “Wharehouse” you can check the current balance and items movement history.

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