The parameters reference guide is designed to maintain the additional details necessary for description of system elements. It looks as follows:

The parameters reference guide has a standard interface and control commands, as well as operating procedures for “Categories and folders”. When adding a new parameter it’s necessary to select its type in drop down menu. Type can be “Text” or “Number”.  The text type is the most generic parameter – you can add any value you like. The numeric type is used for mathematical operations. Among other things the system will not allow you to write such parameter value if you have entered not numbers, but just set of symbols.   

It should be noted that it’s impossible to change the selected parameter type. If you have made a mistake it’s necessary to delete the entered record and to input again.

By clicking the parameter line you can see the description window with information about its access rights and where is it used. It looks like this:

The column “Place” can take a value “Nomenclature”, “Collection” or “Component”, depending on the object it is connected in block “Parameters”. By clicking the line the window appears where this parameter and its value were entered. It can be the block of items description, or collections, or components. It’s quite convenient tool making possible to monitor the parameter usage in different system elements, and also to receive the information about its value range, what can be helpful as well. By clicking the line with parameter, the warning can be displayed that you don’t have an access to this object and have to ask the author for access rights. If the author provides access you will see the place where the parameter is used. If he doesn’t provide it – you will not see. Because he is an author and can dispose his data as he likes.

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