This mode is designated for display of planning of available equipment and of its list. Moreover, together with “Schedule” this form is used for assignment of tasks to the specific executor or to the specific equipment. When entering this mode you will see all available location descriptions. These are collections with connection type “Location”. It looks like this:

Это изображение имеет пустой атрибут alt; его имя файла - 2019-01-04_19-00-46.png

To point the cursor to the line the following commands will be available:

 — Edit the record

 — Select the record

 — Give the access rights for one record or for all selected records.

Clicking the line will show the equipment location in the following way:

At the top you can see a graphic picture of department lay-out, at the bottom – a list of available equipment with indication of executors who can work with equipment, as well as the amount of issued tasks. For your convenience you can see also the image of any equipment.

If you want to display the lay-out it’s necessary to download the file in the collection with connection “Location” and to point the connection “Location” for it. One location can have only one file with such connection.

Это изображение имеет пустой атрибут alt; его имя файла - 2019-01-04_19-05-24.png

To specify the executors for equipment you should enter the description block “Components” and to drag the preset executors to its block “Nomenclature” indicating the connection “Executor” for these records.  

For one and the same equipment you can indicate several executors, for example for multi-shift operation. Also one and the same executor can be selected for different equipment at multi machine working. Here is the page for description of executor.

In block “Usage” are indicated the tasks he performed and equipment he was appointed as an executor. 

In block “Nomenclature” is indicated an account for which the tasks will be settled for this executor. It can be his personal account, if he will mark the start and finish of the tasks by himself, and the account of the foreman as well, if the control is effected by one user for several executors.   

The equipment location you can indicate in mode of layout editing.

By pushing it the commands will be displayed to set the grid (marker size to specify the equipment), to save the results or to cancel the editing.   

When setting the grid you can indicate the quantity of columns and rows the layout image will be split to. It can be maximum 50 columns and 50 rows. This marking is customized, according to the image and list of equipment. It should be noted that the changes of the grid will result in loss of the previous arrangement. That is why firstly it’s necessary to fix the necessary grid size and then to put the equipment to the layout. The arrangement is performed by dragging the row in the bottom side to the layout point. In this case the grey circle appears on this layout point. If any tasks are already appointed for the equipment the circle will be green.

When pointing the image at the circle the corresponding line will be highlighted. As well as when pointing the line at the bottom the image on the layout will be highlighted. Upon completion of arrangement it’s necessary to save the results pushing the button “Save”.

If for some reason you need to return to the reference state before editing so you have to push the button “Cancel”.

Pushing the button “Full screen”  allows displaying the layout image. It’s convenient to use it just to visualize the progress of production process as well as if the quantity of elements on the layout is quite big.

Upon pushing the circle the Schedule will be displayed only for this equipment, the same function has the command “Show tasks”.

In this case the information for all selected items will be displayed.


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