Block “References”

This block contains the list of network links with information about the system elements, link to producer website, catalog, files that you don’t want to place to the system but are necessary for you.

The following commands for the reference are available:

 «Add». To add the reference. The input window will be displayed:

To the field “reference” you can put the link to the interested page, to the field “Comment” – explanatory information.

 «Delete». To delete the reference.

«Open». This command opens the reference in a new window of default browser.

 «Edit». Calls the editing window as shown below. Here you can edit values indicated when information entering:

Block “References” is an alternative for the block “Files”, if the location of the files to the system is impossible because of some reasons. For example, for reasons of security or information leakage. In these cases it’s possible to locate these files anywhere, to encode them additionally, to limit the access etc., and to attach a link to this location in the block. Just remember what is located and where.

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