Log in

To become familiar with the operation please visit the website of the system. The following window will be displayed:

To log on to system it’s necessary to enter the login and password and press the button “Start”. If you don’t have login and password you have to register pressing the button “Registration”.  The following window will be displayed:

It’s necessary to fill in all requested fields.

As a login (user name) you can use a free combination of letters and numbers, minimum 6 and maximum 30 characters. Of course your login should not match with logins of other users. When this occurs and your login is already used by someone, you have to change the login.

Your password should be very easy to remember by you and very difficult to be hacked by other persons. The generation of the password has the same rules as for login – minimum 6 and maximum 30 characters. Otherwise the diagnostic error message will be displayed and you have to generate the other login and the other password.

For the invitation number you can contact the other registered user. You can apply it also using the developers contact details. The invitation number can be used only for one user registration. It’s not recommended to transfer it to anybody. It can be used only one time.

After filling of all details and confirming the requirements by the system it’s necessary to push the button “Registration”.  In case of success you have to enter the just confirmed login and password in window “logging on” and check the box “I’m not a robot”. That is all. Just push the button “Start” and begin to work.

If you push the button “Blog” you will be sent to the system website.

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