Most of operations in UpexPro are performed with commands which are called by clicking the buttons. In most cases the buttons are duplicated in menu that can be called by clicking the right mouse button. According to the usage type the commands can be divided in several groups.

Commands for working with lines

 Call the form for entry of a new record. According to the application position this command calls the forms containing different sets of properties. To add the files you should call the file explorer, not the form.

Delete a record. Group delete can also be applied for selected records. If the record cannot be deleted the reason is it is used anywhere, or it contains the additional information in blocks, or several users have the access rights to it. The same rule applies to reference guides – if the record is located in different categories it will be deleted without notice. If the record is located only in one category, it will be deleted only in case if it’s no used anywhere and is not connected with other items. Otherwise the warning will be displayed and the record will be kept.

Select or deselect the defined record.

Call the editing form. Set of properties can be different depending on application field. If you push the button with selected records the batch edit mode will be activated, when changes for one record can be applied for all selected records.

Move up the record in a list.

Move down the record in a list.

Call a form of access authorization for a separate object or for selected objects.

Follow a link.

Download the file.

Select or deselect the feature of subordinate records output. If the checkmark is set up, not only the positions related to this folder will be shown, but also the positions from all folders included to the current directory.   If the checkmark is not set up, the list of positions will be shown related to the current folder directly, without nesting.

 Set the filter. Data input to this field controls the list of derived nomenclature. For example, if you input the value “007”, all positions will be displayed containing this symbol combination in their designation or name.

Show sketches. There is a sketch available in front of records on the left side. It’s a file attached to an object in bitmap format with link “Sketch”.

Commands used for editing

Close the editing form and lose the revised data.

Edit the next record and save the data.

Edit the previous record and save the data.

Save changes in current record.

Commands for input

Input a new record and go to input a new record saving the properties.

Exit the editing form and lose the loaded data.

Save the input data without closing the input form.



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