06.08.2017 The functional possibilities of working with the Gantt schedule are significantly extended. Now you can open and edit nested components and collections. Modified the modes of working with files in all blocks. The same file can be reused for different blocks.

20.06.2017 The opportunity of group correction of records for collections directories, blocks of the nomenclature, collections, components, files is added.

25.05.2017 A mode of group issuance of rights to selected records for the nomenclature, collections and parameters has been developed, and editing forms for the nomenclature and collections have been revised.

15.01.2017 The procedure for importing data has been revised. Fixed bugs and added new features. Fixed binding parameters, added the construction of hierarchical lists of both the component and parameters, it became possible to automatically link the nomenclature and components and a number of other improvements.

04.04.2017 The interface of reference books of the nomenclature, collections, parameters has been reworked. Blocks “Nomenclature”, “Collections”, “Parameters” for the nomenclature, collections and components. The presentation of data has become more compact and visible.

05.04.2017 Additional user management utilities appeared, as well as maintenance of payment statistics and logging of actions. Of course, it is available to system administrators.

03/25/2017 The site has an opportunity to pay subscription, as well as additional services Online. This can be done with the help of bank cards, Yandex.Money purse, and also from a mobile phone.

10.03.2017 Our site is now working on a secure protocol, which greatly increased the security of our users and the data they transmit.

10.02.2017 New features added to the import procedure – building a hierarchical list, Possibility to link nomenclature and collections, import of related nomenclature, and some import shortcomings were fixed.

30.01.2017 The modes of transferring and copying positions between categories and folders are reworked. Now this is done through the Drag & Drop mechanism, without any buttons, as before, which made the work more convenient.

16.01.2017 New presentation of the “Components” block. The fields “Name”, “Notation” and “Comment” are combined. The representation of the “Components” block became more compact and visible.

10.01.2017 Information blocks of the nomenclature and requisites of the components have been revised. Removed such concepts as “Serial Number” and “Party”. Instead, the associated nomenclature positions are used.

28.12.2016 There was a function of forming and printing QR code for the nomenclature. This makes it possible to obtain information from the system by simply reading the position code using a smartphone, for example.

14.12.2016 The function of deleting entries in the reference books of the nomenclature, collections and parameters has been revised. All selected records are now deleted. Of course with checking the availability of information in the blocks, as well as using the position in the system.

10.12.2016 Data import function has become available. You can upload specifications, workflows, warehouse documents, nomenclature.

12.01.2016 There was an opportunity to view warehouse balances, as well as information on the movement of the position. You can look at the remainder of the entire nomenclature, or in the selected items, which can be done in the item list and in the component list.

20.11.2016 New functions appeared – group selection in the reference books of components and nomenclatures, in all blocks of the “Nomenclature” and “Collections”, the visibility of the Gantt diagram increased, it became possible to adjust the nomenclature, collections and components in the headings of information blocks. It became possible to replace the nomenclature of the component.

18.10.2016 The mode of disclosure of components is revised. The disclosure of the composition and manufacturing processes is made. This provides more opportunities for data management. The speed of the opening operation has significantly increased.

20.09.2016 A new mode is developed that allows to present all information describing the product in a convenient and compact form. An irreplaceable means of controlling the completeness of data filling.

08/15/2016 A date editor is developed in the form of a Gantt chart. Allows you to edit dates for both collections and for components. The system received a simple and intuitive mechanism for adjusting dates, as well as a visual means of their control.

26.06.2016 The procedure for building a tree has been revised. The speed of its construction has increased significantly. This is especially noticeable on large volumes of data.

20.06.2016. Added a new data block for the component. It will provide information on the sources of information about a particular component. It will be possible to trace from where this component appeared, What was in the source and so on. This information is filled in both automatically (when building the entire product), and in manual mode when creating components using previously created components.

10.06.2016 The procedure for calculating the complete composition of the product is actively tested. At the same time, the direct cost of the product is calculated, as well as the automated creation of production planning and supply documents.

20.05.2016 The functionality of collections and components is significantly extended. Now, based on these data, you can solve the tasks of scheduling. As processes of preparation of production, interaction with contractors, and to solve problems of industrial planning.

04.04.2016 New data blocks “Nomenclature” for the nomenclature, collections and components have been added. This gives the opportunity to lead for variants of substitutions, both for global cases, and for those moments when such a replacement is allowed only within the framework of a certain collection (technological process, composition, etc.). Accordingly, the “Use” block has been redesigned.

 15.04.2016 – new data block for collections and nomenclature – “Usage” was added. The name speaks for itself. In it are displayed those places where a different position is used. The same information is now available for any of the parameters.

25.03.2016 According to the results of testing on real data, the editing modes of elements, navigation between them are redesigned. Work in the system has become more convenient.

19.03.2016 The interface, showing the nomenclature and collections, has been redesigned. If earlier there were bookmarks for which you had to switch, now they are replaced with blocks of data displayed simultaneously.

15.03.2016 Testing of the system for issuing rights and regulating access to system elements continues. In total, everyone will have three roles. Author, co-author and reader. Depending on the role, each element of the system will be accessed. It will be possible to share the nomenclature and collections. In the future, you can and share the whole categories. For the purposes of exchange, each user will be created a category “Inbox” in the nomenclature and collections.

 10.03.2016 A chat appeared in the project among users.